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My first ever S.O.L.O. trip!

My first solo travel, ever in life was internationally. It was year 2015, I had a full time IT job at that time. Those days youtube and social media were not popular, at least I was not into it(even today, I maintain a distance!). I did not had outside world of information to make a decision. Rather I sat down to see what I want from my first ever solo travel? What I would like to experience? These were my basic 2 questions. I wanted my trip to be as original and fresh experience for me that I never discussed with anyone or asked for ANYTHING (recommendations, suggestions etc.). No one knew where I was going.

– I wanted to challenge myself and break the “Fear” of stepping into “Unknown”. This definitely brings a lot of personal growth and mind expansion(that was and is my main reason to travel solo)

– I wanted to experience a new “Culture”

After finding answers to my 2 personal questions. Next came practicality.

  • Budget friendly(nearby countries like SEA(South East Asia) made more sense to fly from India)
  • Visa friendly

I looked into few options and chose “Thailand-The Land of Smiles” as it was checking ALL boxes. Cheap flights, visa on arrival and budget/backpacker friendly. I knew language will be a barrier which I intentionally chose to make it as challenging as possible. I planned complete trip on my own from flights, accommodation, transport, currency, itinerary, things to see.

It was NOT easy, it was TERRIFYING to say the least! Specially when you have no one to share or discuss what you are going through. My only best friend, one human being knew about what I was planning but she was in another city so I was on my own, alone.

In next few posts, I will jot down the phases I went through and my Thailand experiences. Stay tuned!

Till next time,

Enchanted Wandress