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    My first ever S.O.L.O. trip!

    My first solo travel, ever in life was internationally. It was year 2015, I had a full time IT job at that time. Those days youtube and social media were not popular, at least I was not into it(even today, I maintain a distance!). I did not had outside world of information to make a decision. Rather I sat down to see what I want from my first ever solo travel? What I would like to experience? These were my basic 2 questions. I wanted my trip to be as original and fresh experience for me that I never discussed with anyone or asked for ANYTHING (recommendations, suggestions etc.). No…

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    Curiosity of locals on S.O.L.O. travel

    This one must sound familiar to all solo female travelers specifically, right? We live in a curious world and people are filled with all sorts of curious questions as soon as I strike a conversation with a local in a foreign country. Few set of common questions they throw at you are : My advice – “Trust your intuition.” Females are pretty well tuned and understand vibes in a way, which serves as our sixth sense. It is always guiding us and keeping us safe. Helps us decide whom to approach or stay away from. It goes for everybody. Share as little personal information to keep yourself safe out there.…

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    But W.H.Y. Solo?

    “How can you even think of going solo anywhere, that too out of country? Are you totally out of your mind?”…Fortunately, these were NOT the words of my parents, I was quite relieved. Its not that they don’t care but it was their non-familiarity from traveling/solo traveling world. I mean they are pretty simple-caring-parents, not following modern-trends-but-doing-daily-life kinda parents. Of course, they were concerned of my safety and well being but once I assured them, they were fine. I just let them know about my travel plan and that I am going solo… it came quite natural to us as I took all my life decisions, so it was easy.…

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    Undeniable D.E.S.I.R.E. of traveling the world!

    Hey Loves, Wondering, what got me started even with idea of “Travel”? Hmm…so lemme answer that for you. Its all to blame Netherlands, lol…funny story! So here it goes. I loved watching ‘Discovery channels’. Probably two decades back, yups pretty lonnng time…I was watching a random documentary which showcased a flower factory in Netherlands(NL), talking about how they export flowers mostly tulips. I was hooked to tulips..that was first time I discovered ‘Tulips’ and Tulip farms all around NL. I was super excited and had a thought – “This is the best job ever…wow, if I can work in this factory, will be heaven for me”…It was such a teenager-innocent-thought-process.…

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    Get to know me!

    Hi! I am Smita. Welcome to my blog 🙂 I am an ordinary girl wanting to live an extraordinary life! I am “Enchanted Wandress“, its the essence of my existence. I am a seeker, dreamer and wanderer – exploring faraway lands as well as inner territories on this journey called “Life”. Join me here to share and cherish my very personal travel and life diaries. I have been to 19 countries so far and so much to see and do in this beautiful world. I would love to share my travel experiences, lessons, tips and everything in between. I am here for love of solo travel and invite all who…