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Undeniable D.E.S.I.R.E. of traveling the world!

Hey Loves,

Wondering, what got me started even with idea of “Travel”? Hmm…so lemme answer that for you. Its all to blame Netherlands, lol…funny story! So here it goes.

I loved watching ‘Discovery channels’. Probably two decades back, yups pretty lonnng time…I was watching a random documentary which showcased a flower factory in Netherlands(NL), talking about how they export flowers mostly tulips. I was hooked to tulips..that was first time I discovered ‘Tulips’ and Tulip farms all around NL. I was super excited and had a thought – “This is the best job ever…wow, if I can work in this factory, will be heaven for me”…It was such a teenager-innocent-thought-process. Anyways, thought of working receded pretty fast but for sure NL became the first country I wanted to visit and attend Tulip festival in spring there.

I am a nature-lover and love, love, love flowers. I never ever thought about ‘Travel’ at all before this documentary. So its funny how my love of flowers triggered another life-long dream of “Travel”, I am glad it did.

This particular moment planted seed of “Travel” in me…to go and explore the beauty of world became my deepest desire.

I hid that seed inside me and totally went with flow of usual life. Again and again it sparked my interest whenever I see, hear or talk anything related to ‘Travel’…it kept growing in me. It took almost a decade after completing my masters and being in a full time job, I traveled to first country abroad… Thailand, SOLO!

I know all desires can’t be manifested at once…rather manifestation might take more time then expected, but we gotta do our part, right? At least you have to plant the damn seed, to expect it become a tree someday!

Keep DREAMING loves!

Till next time,

Enchanted Wandress